Visiting Castles in Germany

Most any city along the breathtaking Rhine River or nearby is worth visiting. If a castle is within a stone’s throw, it can be that much more enticing. Picnicking along the majestic river, taking in the expansive land here royalty reigned can bring about visions of Camelot. Imaginations can unfold magically for visitors of any age.

Castles can be casual to formidable. Some may take a walk in the countryside, crumbling, vine-covered walls of days gone by suitable for a blanket laid out for a picnic. Others still hold their formal ambiance. A suit of armor in a corner is not unheard of in many castles, reminiscent of life centuries ago.

It would take more than a lifetime to visit the thousands of castles in Germany. But visitors might enjoy starting their trips with this short list of cities and towns offering castles for their traveling pleasure.


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