Check Out These Spots in Iceland on Your Next Vacation

There’s been a lot of buzz about Iceland lately (no surprise there)! Located in the North Atlantic Ocean, this Nordic island has a population of roughly 357,050. Rich with Viking history, cultural experiences, hot springs, lava fields, and other stunning landscape, Iceland is a perfect spot for your next vacation. So what sights should you see while exploring the land of fire and ice?

The Blue Lagoon – Known as Iceland’s most famous spa, the blue lagoon is an experience like no other. The milky-blue pools are at 102 degrees fahrenheit year round so you’ll never be cold! One of the reasons this destination is so popular is because of its proximity to the international airport and capital, Reykjavik. Many don’t know that the lagoon is not natural; it was actually created in 1976 as a waste-water pool for a geothermal power plant that drills for steam and hot water. Don’t worry! The water is completely non-toxic and it’s renewed every 48 hours.

Þingvellir National Park – The spectacular landscape and pronounced tectonic plates of this national park naturally makes it a natural wonder. Located by the Öxará river, the nation’s first parliament met here from 930 until 1798; it’s now protected as a national shrine and will always be the property of the Icelandic nation. You can hike, walk, or horseback ride your way through the tectonic plates and rugged (but awesome) landscape. Along the way you’ll see an array of wildlife including up to 50 species of wild birds.

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