The Dangers of Sleep Deprivation

Though not a sleep disorder, one of the most common problems that comes with sleep is simply the fact that we don’t get enough of it. This is becoming especially prevalent in children, who need more sleep than adults as their bodies continue to grow.

Although many people who do suffer from sleep deprivation don’t experience sleep apnea or insomnia on top of this, sleep deprivation alone is enough to harm their logical thought processes and memory recollection. Children who experience sleep deprivation are also more prone for obesity and diabetes as they get older.

How do you improve your child’s sleep patterns, then, to ensure they get the required number of hours for their bodies and minds to recharge?

Go to Bed and Wake Up at the Same Time

This is one of the most important things you can to regulate your sleep and make sure you get enough, and yet hardly anyone bears this in mind. Of course, it’s nice to sleep in on the weekends, but in truth, it’s better for your body to establish a pattern. Sleeping in and staying up late only confuse your body and can even make you more groggy. And, studies have show that “catching up” on sleep doesn’t actually work.

Create a Good Sleeping Environment

This includes getting screens out of the bedroom, which can be very difficult! But the blue light can really affect your mind and your ability to fall asleep. Try to put the screens away about two hours before bedtime. And, even if you have anti-blue light glasses or “night mode” on your phone, it’s still not the same as walking away from screens altogether, which is much better for you. Too much noise and uncomfortable bedding can also attribute to bad sleeping conditions.

Keeping the temperature down helps, too! Though there’s no magic number that helps you fall asleep immediately, a cool 65-67 degrees will create a good environment for your body to regulate its temperature.

Have a Good Bedtime Routine

Once you’ve gotten rid of the screens, reading or meditating can help you get in the right place to fall asleep peacefully. Try taking a hot bath, if you’re having trouble relaxing.

Get Enough Sunlight

This is actually more important than you might think. Our circadian rhythms are set by the sun, so if you don’t have any exposure to the sun throughout the day, your body will be confused as a result, you’ll be out of sorts.


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